Friday, 9 December 2011

List of lab experiments of Digital electronics of first Sem Diploma- EC

Department of Technical EducationDiploma Programme in Electronics and Communication Engineering/ Electronic Instrumentation & Control Engineering  1st SEMISTER


Common to E&C, EI&C, CS&E and IS&E
Lab Experiments :
A1 Familiarization of Digital trainer kit, IC tester, Logic pulser, logic probe
2Study of IC Manual and familiarization of Ics and IC familiesB1Familiarization of logic gates using Ics

a) 7400      b) 7402      c) 7404   d) 7408    e) 7432  f)  7486
2  Realization of NOT, OR, AND, NOR, EX-OR and EX-NOR gates using NAND gate
3  Realization of NOT, OR, AND, NOR, EX-OR and EX-NOR gates using NOR gate
4  Implementing and verifying Boolean Expression using K-map
5  Verification of DeMorgan's theorem and realization of the given expression using Demorgan's law
6  Implementing Half Adder and Full Adder using logic gates
7  Implementing Half Subtractor and Full Subtractor using logic gates
8  Verification of truth table of Flip-Flop 

i )  Clocked RS FF using NAND Gates

ii)  JK FF Using IC 7476

iii)  T and  D FF using  IC 7476.
9     Realize Binary to Gray code converter using IC 7486
10   Realize Gray to Binary code converter using IC 7486
11   Realize parity generator and checker using IC 7486
12   Familiarization of IC 7483 with 4bit  addition
13   Realize 2-bit comparator using logic gates and familiarization of IC 7485
14   Interface  7 segment display with IC 7447 / 7448 decoder .
15   Verify the truth table of 1:8 Demultiplexer  and 8:1 multiplexer using IC 74138 and 74151respectively
16   Verify the truth table of priority encoder using IC 74147
17   Realize and verify the truth table of 4:1 Multiplexer using 2:1 Multiplexer
18   Verify the truth table of Shift Reigister 7495 ( SISO, SIPO, PISO, PIPO)
19   Veirfy the truth table of a) up-down counter using IC- 74193 b) Decade counter using IC-7490REFERENCES :



Note: Pin diagrams of IC's shall be  provided to the students . 
1   Record
2   Write up any Two Experiments (Circuit Diagram,Truth Table Expression)
3   Conduction any one Experiment
4   Result
5   Viva-Voce

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